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8. Decline of Legislatures

Posted 31 October 2011 / By Prof. B.R.A Rao / Political Science

This is a discussion on the Decline of Legislatures. Not only in India but practically everywhere the Executive and the Civil service have overtaken the Legislatures. Also the Judiciary seems to be breating down the necks of the Parliaments. Also the quality of members of Parliament has declined.

Note: only a summary discussion takes place in this blog. Real discussion will be in the seminars in the classroom. The entire group should draft the answer and blog it to me. No individual member of the blog can do it separately. However all the members of the group need not agree. A consolidated report not exceeding ten lines must be posted in the blog. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE MORE THAN 15 MINUTES TO ANSWER

Only Students of the Institute can participate. Others can view the discussions and if they are happy they can enroll as students.

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